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VP of Marketing / SVP of Corporate Communications & Marketing
Foster City, CA

During my tenure, Live365 became rated #1 by Arbitron as the largest Internet streaming network with more than 10 million monthly listener hours. Through innovative proprietary technology, users are able to create a one-of-a-kind personal station to broadcast worldwide. Live365's tools (including Meetings365 & Studio365) and network enable traditional radio stations, record companies, and government, city, and civic community groups with an easy solution to stream audio over the Internet.

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Results Include:

  • Pioneering webcaster Achieved #1 Internet Radio Network 10/2001 (Arbitron).

  • Primary company spokesperson, interviews included: CNN, CNNfn, TechTV, KTLA & KABC LA, features included:  Business 2.0, Forbes, Time and ON Magazine, and trade press.

  • Averaged 100+ articles per month including TV, radio, and print.

  • Effectively managed pr crisis during the company’s July 2001, layoffs; i.e. former employee sent a mass email incorrectly stating that the company had lost funding and was closing.

  • Supervised multiple PR agencies, managing all conferences and events including  Internet World, Streaming Media, Jupiter, NAB, and Showstoppers.

  • Speaker at conferences including  Internet World, CES, NAB, and Streaming Media.

  • Developed the first Wireless Internet Radio and the first PocketPC streaming MP3 software.

  • Created and managed department budget & PR plans.

  • Quickly exceeded the company’s previous PR results delivered by two PR firms from 20 monthly stories to well over 100 monthly media breaks.

  • Reduced marketing expenses by $20,000 per month, while also dramatically increasing company awareness and site traffic.

  • Created and managed marketing budget, staff of ten, and agency and marketing relationships.

2000-10-12 CNN Live365
Live365 ON MAG Photo
alan wallace on cnn
Alan Wallace - (2 shot) - Business Unusual - CNNFN
John Jeffrey - (two shot) - Silicon Spin - TechTV
Alex Sanford - Market News - CNNFN
Alex Sanford (two shot) - Market News - CNNFN

Live365 References


I have worked with Alan Wallace as a client and a colleague in various capacities since 1995 and have found him to be a highly regarded communications professional which I hold in the highest regard. Alan is one of the best (if not the best) marketing and public relations executives in any technology company. - John Jeffrey


I had the extreme pleasure of working with Alan Wallace on at least two occasions. First, Alan Wallace served as a guest expert and pioneer in the field of Music & Technology for the Emmy winning TechTV music series "AudioFile", a passion project for Microsoft founder, Paul Allen, where Alan highlighted innovations as they pertained to the music industry.

In fact, I credit Alan's work with with helping to move the needle as the music industry moved into the digital age. I had a second occasion to work with Alan indirectly when he hired me to produce a series of interviews with iCANN President and CEO, Paul Twomey. Alan conceived the idea for the interviews in order to highlight some of the groundbreaking initiatives his client was introducing. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Alan again and recognize him as a change-maker.
- Kris Kosach


Alan Wallace is sharp, persuasive, committed, focused and a really nice person. We worked together on strategic and tactical activities of interest to his company and mine and sometimes to both. In all instances Alan asked the right questions and delivered great advice. I would hire him if the right opportunity arose. - Jon Potter

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CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS Live365 - Hosted Alan Wallace 


Press Releases

2001-10-23          Live365 Debuts Radio EFF

2001-09-11          Sal Meola - CDO Promotion

2001-09-11          ArrayComm

2001-09-07          Live365 Introduces “IP-Based GEO-Targeting” 

2001-09-05          Live365 NAB Stats Release

2001-09-04          NAB Pricing Press Release

2001-08-06          Meeting365 Release

2001-07-19          Webby Award Release

2001-06-28          SugarRay Radio Announcement

2001-06-28          Start365 Player Release

2001-06-04          CMA - Live365 Fan Fair Promotion

2001-06-01          On-Demand Introduction

2001-05-23          John Schenk VP Promotion

2001-05-17          Kathryn Daley CFO Promotion

2001-05-09          PocketPC Player Announcement

2001-04-17          Sales Appointments

2001-04-16          AudioRamp Release

2001-03-21          Arbitron Ranking Release

2001-03-14          Keith Kim - VP Marketing

2001-03-13          Alan Wallace - SVP Promotion

2001-03-07          Penguin Radio Partnership

2001-03-05          New Additions- Sales Management Team

2001-02-27          Manifesto Release

2001-02-12          Sal Meola - VP of Engineering

2001-02-09          Valentine's Day

2001-01-22          Arbitron Network Stats

2001-01-08          Lumenati & 25,000 Release

2001-01-08          Kerbango Partnership

2000-12-12          Holiday Listening Features

2000-11-30          Keith Kim - Senior Director of Marketing

2000-11-30          Heather Shaw - Director of Sales Announcement

2000-11-30          Cindy Hagen - VP Sales

2000-11-21          Nothing Records Partnership

2000-11-17          Angels on Earth

2000-10-24          BT Release

2000-10-19          Vitaminic Release

2000-10-12          Offspring Contest

2000-09-22          Private Label Radio Services

2000-09-21          Wireless Release

2000-09-21          TelSurf Partnership

2000-09-21          Nielsen Ratings Partnership

2000-09-21          iPRO Ratings Partnership

2000-09-21          Arbitron Ratings Partnership

2000-09-20          Media Alert - Live365 Announces the World’s First Wireless Internet Streaming MP3 Player For Windows CE

2000-09-12          Live365.Com Appoints Radio Specialist Alan Wallace To Vice President of Marketing

2000-08-10          Number Of Live365 Broadcasts Surpasses the Total Number of Traditional U.S. Radio Stations

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