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Microsoft / Trustworthy Computing (TWC)

Senior Public Relations Manager
Redmond, WA

Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing was launched by Bill Gates on January 15, 2002. Four areas were identified as the key: Security, Privacy, Reliability, and Business Integrity. The Trustworthy Computing campaign was the main reason why Easter eggs disappeared from Windows, Office and other Microsoft products. (Source Wikipedia)

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  • Managed communication and presentation strategies for RSA, Black Hat, and CanSecWest conferences

  • PR supervisor and editor for Microsoft's SIR Reports (V5, V6, V7)

  • PR Supervisor for efforts on Software Development Lifecycle (SDL)

  • Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) team video producer

  • Microsoft's launch of a new product line was determined to have multiple security holes. Worked with developers to ensure all partners updated the SDK within 30 days or be disconnected from the network.  Product repairs were made in real-time by all partners and the product was now secured 30 days later without any repercussions. This could have been a major public relations nightmare for Microsoft.


When Alan Wallace and I were in the Trustworthy Computing group at Microsoft, I led the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) engineering team and Alan was responsible for PR and communications for SDL. Alan and his team launched several communications initiatives that enabled us to build the reputation and adoption of the SDL across the industry. During the period when I worked with Alan, my team created guidance and tools to enable organizations outside of Microsoft to adopt the SDL and Alan's team created communications initiatives that enabled us to "get the word out" to the industry through the worldwide trade press. We got a lot of press coverage as a result of those initiatives and that coverage translated to downloads of our tools and to guidance and industry acknowledgment of the SDL as a leadership initiative. Alan was a great partner and a real communications professional. He was a pleasure to work with. - Steve Lipner


I worked directly with Alan Wallace in the Trustworthy Computing Division at Microsoft for approximately 18 months. During that time, Alan demonstrated deep knowledge of Public Relations, media and broadcast, across an array of subject matter areas, including cybersecurity and consumer technology. Alan's industry knowledge, combined with a deep passion for technology, enabled Alan to make great contributions to Microsoft's efforts to build trust with the industry. It was a pleasure to work with Alan, who brings humility and a great sense of humor to the job. I can confidently recommend Alan to any employer that values people who are willing to work hard, who are passionate about the work they do, and have years of solid experience - Tim Rains


Alan Wallace is one of the few communicators you come across who understand the technology her represents at the core level. Alan was my client for only a year or so, but he manages the expectations or an agency team well and uses resources in a very efficient manner. - Kevin Sangsland

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