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PressContact, Alan Wallace - Public Relations Consultant
Samammish, WA


Contract Visa, Media Relations Security - Foster City, CA

  • Rebuilt media database to be proactive for cybersecurity media - including development of monitoring system for traditional and social media.

  • Led proactive and reactive messaging for EMV Chip and Pin & Two-Way Fraud Alert messaging

Alaska Airlines Logo 1140x380

Contract Alaska Airlines, Seattle, WA - Market Manager outreach campaign

  • Established 2-week promo team to engage consumers with office visits and social media visits included Boeing, Disney, Starbucks, T-Mobile & Zillow

  • Brand awareness via social media, appearances & promotions

photo by Alan Wallace - social media Alaska Airlines
photo by Alan Wallace - social media Alaska Airlines
photo by Alan Wallace - social media Alaska Airlines

Consulting References

Leigh Rowan LinkedIn
Richard Titus LinkedIn

Our agency was hired for a Seattle based promotion right before the busy 2013 Holiday season. We knew we needed an on-the-ground expert who could leverage local connections for our client's program to be 100% successful. Alan Wallace was just that person - a Seattle guru, an organized champion of our client's program, and an amazing partner to help us execute everything from gift wrapping presents to awarding winners via a unique technology platform. We needed a team of 20, and I chose Alan to lead this team for his agency management experience and his ability to direct and lead a team. He also scoped out locations and helped manage visits for our teams to the headquarters for Boeing, Starbucks, T-Mobile and others. The client was very happy, and the campaign was very successful. Alan was a key reason we were successful with this campaign as we are already looking to find more ways to use him again. - Leigh Rowan

I have known Alan Wallace for nearly 30 years. He is a fantastic human, a great entrepreneur, and a solid communications executive. He's helped me over the years numerous times personally & professionally and I look forward to working with him again! - Richard Titus

Data Privacy Day Logo

Contract Data Privacy Day, Seattle, WA - Team member Media Relations & event promotion, Speaker Presentations

  • Media Strategy and pitch team member for 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Planning Guide release.

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