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Alan Wallace BIO, CV, and References

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My Story

Alan Wallace has extensive experience in public relations with a diverse background and passion for innovation. His career began in radio and included time as a foreign correspondent for UPI before a significant transition to public relations. Wallace started his public relations career as the tour publicist for Chuck Norris' film "Sidekicks" with visits to 22 cities over 22 days. The movie opened as the number two film at the box office. 

In 1995, Alan co-founded InterActive Agency, a pioneering advertising and public relations firm focused on the Internet. Working with prestigious clients such as the Dodgers, Warner Bros, AOL, and others, Alan further developed his expertise in PR and marketing. 

Later, he joined Live365 as Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, contributing to its rise as the top Internet Radio Network and cementing his reputation as a visionary in the field where he played a key role in creating the first wireless streaming internet radio.


Alan's passion for cybersecurity emerged during his time at Panda Security as Vice President of Public Relations in 2003. During his first year, the Panda Security brand grew from number 12 to number 4 according to Ziff Davis and media coverage expanded from 1,250 stories from Madrid to 25,000 stories led from the US. From then on, he dedicated his career to advancing the field and making a significant impact.

His expertise led to influential roles, including serving as Global Senior Public Relations Manager for Trend Micro, a leading cybersecurity company, and Senior Manager in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Division, focusing on initiatives like the MAPP program and participating in notable conferences. 


Alan's ability to secure top-tier media coverage for high-profile companies and initiatives is unmatched. He orchestrated groundbreaking PR and social media campaigns, leading to a remarkable 300% increase in media coverage for Trend Micro.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Alan is actively involved in philanthropy, serving on the Board of Directors of RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation, where he drives efforts to fund arts programs for children in Philadelphia. He also advises American Weekend Entertainment / Music Daily, guiding their communications and marketing strategies.


Throughout his distinguished career, Alan has achieved remarkable milestones, including having his article "An Open Letter to Tim Cook" republished by The Guardian UK, garnering a positive response from Apple's executive team. While with Afilias he orchestrated a way to acknowledge powerful results from the company team with acknowledgment from the Guinness World Records for the "Largest Migration of an Internet Level Domain in a single transaction.

Beyond his professional achievements, Alan was also honored to provide social media training for retiring "Top Gun" Officers, empowering them to build their online presence for successful post-service opportunities. 


Outside of his work, Alan's passion for photography has earned him photo credit with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, celebrating the legacy of Chuck Berry.

Residing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wallace continues to find new impactful ways to drive results in public relations, cybersecurity, and technology.

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