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Jesse Berst, ZDNet AnchorDesk

I'd like to nominate you for that TV Show "How'd They Do That?" How do you generate so much publicity and attention? Suddenly you guys are the most noticeable players in the space. Congratulations on the big impact you've had.

Steve Smith, Smith Public Relations

When we began working with Alan a few months ago. He immediately grasped the architecture of the technology; assisted in providing qualitative product differentiation; helped define our key media messages and offered up an impressive list of media he could get to quickly.
While we were skeptical at first, Alan has continued to deliver significant press for our client on a weekly basis covering business, new economy and technology.

Doug Wyllie, Business & Media Editor

As a reporter, I rely heavily on my communications counterparts to respond quickly and accurately to inquiries, and in every instance, Alan delivered above and beyond the ordinary “I’ll get right back to you.” In a sense, he spoiled me, because few others attain.
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