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Panda Software

Vice President Corporate Communications
Glendale, CA

Panda Software is a manufacturer and developer of antivirus and security hardware, software, and web-delivered solutions. During my time supervising Public Relations activities in the US, the companies’ awareness dramatically improved, the company enjoyed substantial growth in the amount and quality of product reviews, increased web traffic by 500% additionally the company’s global revenue increased by $30 million.

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Results Include:

  • Supervised Public Relations efforts for the US which included among others: product launches of hardware and software solutions (enterprise, Single Office Home Office (SOHO), and consumers.)

  • Coordinated media activities with the firm's international headquarters located in Madrid and Bilbao, Spain all media activities related to malware, vulnerabilities, events, conferences, reviews, etc. 

  • Reworked, revised, and localized corporate communications and public relations strategies, materials, media tools, and solutions including an overhaul of media databases and tracking solutions, to better deliver results including guidance on localizing and enhancing the product based on review and media critiques.

News Highlights

Press Releases

08/09/04              Panda & Microsoft Announce XP2 Upgrade Compatibility

07/30/04              Panda Launches TruPREVENT

06/30/04              Panda Launches TruPREVENT Beta

06/27/04              1st Worldwide Internet Security Day

03/24/04              Panda Software Increases Channel with Merisel

03/11/04              Panda to Showcase at CeBIT 2004 Germany

02/24/04              Panda Joins Microsoft VIA "Virus Information Alliance"

02/11/04              Panda Software Increases Channel with Lifeboat

02/04/04              Panda's Titanium 2004 Awarded ‘5-Stars’ from

01/25/04              Panda Announces Launch of Linux Platform Solutions

01/08/04              Panda Software Reaches Codie's Finals

01/07/04              Panda & Secure Resolutions Form Alliance

01/07/04              SIIA Selects Panda Software's VirusPortal

12/17/03              Panda Software Launches WebAdmin

11/25/03              Riggs Eckelberry Panda Software GM Concludes Contract

11/04/03              Panda Software Customers Applaud GateDefender Hardware Appliance

10/31/03              Panda Software Launches Titanium 2004

10/31/03              Panda Software Launches Panda Platinum Internet Security

10/31/03              Panda Software Launches Next-Generation Security and AV Solutions

10/31/03              Panda Software Launches EnterpriSecure

10/31/03              Panda Software Launches ClientShield

10/31/03              Panda Software Launches BusinesSecure

09/29/03              Panda Software Announces Basic Virus Course

09/17/03              Panda Software Announces Appoint of Riggs Eckelberry

09/12/03              Panda Software Awarded Semi-Finalist at RetailVision

08/06/03              Panda Software Announces Matching Seats Program for Business & Employees

07/08/03              Panda Software Provides Up to the Minute Updates at

06/19/03              Panda Announces Updates for Exchange Server 2003

06/19/03              Panda Software Announces Education Pricing for its Security Solutions

06/11/03              Panda Applauds Microsoft's New Initiatives for Improved Security

Virus Alerts

06/15/04              Panda Virus Alert - Cabir

06/09/04              Panda Virus Alert - Korgo Variants
06/01/04              Panda Virus Alert - Top Ten Viruses May 2004

05/20/04              Panda Virus Alert - BoBax Variants A, B, C 

05/11/04              Panda Virus Alert - Sasser F Variant Released

05/09/04              Panda Virus Alert - Sasser Creator Arrested and Release of Sasser.E

05/06/04              Panda Virus Alert - Search for Sasser Creator

05/03/04              Panda Virus Alert - Red Alert

05/03/04              Panda Virus Alert - Sasser Creates Red Alert

05/02/04              Panda Virus Alert - Sasser A & B Amber Alert

05/02/04              Panda Virus Alert - Sasser.B

04/22/04              Panda Virus Alert - Spam Downloads Trojan

02/11/04              Panda Virus Alert - DoomJuice.B

02/09/04              Panda Virus Alert - DoomJuice.A

02/02/04              Panda Virus Alert - MyDoom.A Timeline

01/29/04              Panda Virus Alert - Mydoom.A

01/28/04              Panda Virus Alert - Mydoom.B

01/27/04              Panda Virus Alert - Mydoom.A - Release #1

01/27/04              Panda Virus Alert - Mydoom.A - Release #2

01/27/04              Panda Virus Alert - Mydoom.A - Release #3

01/19/04              Panda Virus Alert - Bagel.A.Worm Alert Release #1

01/19/04              Panda Virus Alert - Bagel.A.Worm Alert Release #2

08/21/03              Panda Virus Alert - Largest Virus Attack Ever

08/19/03              Panda Virus Alert - Sobig.F

08/12/03              Panda Virus Alert - W32-Blaster

07/15/03              Panda Virus Alert - LoHack.B Worm

02/17/03              Panda Virus Alert - Bagle.B Worm

Panda Software References


Alan is a brilliant communicator and manages to find traction in the toughest situation. He is an invaluable asset to any company. - Riggs Eckelberry


I've worked with Alan on products from several clients of his, most memorably Panda. Panda had no presence or mindshare in the US before Alan's excellent work bringing it to the attention of the US trade press. I spend all day bombarded by requests from PR and "managing" them, but I welcome Alan's calls and e-mails. I always get value out of them. - Larry Seltzer


Alan's dedication to excellence in publicity played a key role at Panda Software. Alan has a wide network of media contacts, which kept Panda's name firmly entrenched in the consumer mind. The press he generated provided an abundance of incoming traffic to our website, which pushed our page rank and incoming links ever higher. The result was less money was needed to be spent on traditional advertising with no loss of revenue. Panda won big. I am sure whatever company Alan is involved with can look forward to a similar experience. - Brian Meert

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