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NEW ORLEANS, LA (Sept. 07, 2001) – Today at the NAB XStream conference in New Orleans, Live365 (, the world’s largest Internet broadcasting community, announced its introduction of “IP-based Geo-Targeting” for advertisers and broadcasters using the Live365 network.  This will allow for location-based insertion of content and deliver value to Live365’s advertisers, broadcasters and listeners. 

Live365 will now be able to deliver location-based advertising and content.  Live365’s first implementation of geo-targeting is with its advertisers but this technology can also be used to insert local weather, news and other location-relevant material into Live365 stations.  Regardless of whether a listener is in Buffalo or Burbank, San Francisco or Sweden, Live365 will be able to deliver targeted content to him based on his location.  Live365’s audio insertion technology can also deliver the audio in the language of the geographic location of the listener, enabling Live365 to access a global advertiser base. .

“We have always said that buyers should look at advertising on Live365 as they would a local radio campaign.  Thanks to geo-targeting we can not only deliver advertising by market, but also provide the advertiser with reports that deliver real results,” said Paul Adams, Vice-President Advertising Sales.

Live365’s service offers the ability for anyone to be able to build his or her own Internet radio station.  Live365 also has a series of professional services for the Internet broadcasting of terrestrial radio stations as well as commercial organizations.


Live365 ( is the world’s largest broadcaster of streaming MP3 content on the Internet, with more than 6 million listener hours logged monthly.  Users can listen to tens of thousands of broadcasts anytime day or night. Through innovative proprietary technology, users can also create a one-of-a-kind personal station to broadcast worldwide. Rated by Arbitron as one of the largest aggregate network streamers, Live365’s tools (including Meetings365 & Studio365) empower traditional radio stations, record companies, government, city and civic community groups with an easy solution to stream audio over the Internet.  Live365 is both a member of the Digital Media Association (DiMA) and a member of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).  Founded in July 1999 in Foster City, CA, Live365 recently won the ‘People’s Voice’ award for “Best Music Site” at the Fifth Annual Webby Awards.

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