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FOSTER CITY, CA (SEPT. 11, 2001) -- Live365 (, the world’s largest Internet broadcasting and listening community, and ArrayComm, Inc., the leader in fully adaptive smart antenna wireless communications, today announced that Live365 is a Charter Member of ArrayComm’s i-BURSTÔ Applications Partner Program.  As a member, Live365 will work closely with ArrayComm and its partners to ensure Live365’s Internet audio content will be available for mobile users when ArrayComm’s i-BURST high-speed wireless access system rolls out next year.


Live365 is also part of an i-BURST demonstration in ArrayComm’s CTIA Wireless I.T. and Internet 2001 show exhibit (Booth No. 842) in San Diego this week, where Live365 streaming audio content will run across a live i-BURST wireless Internet network. 


Live365 offers the ability for anyone to build his or her own Internet radio station.  Live365 also has a series of professional services for the Internet broadcasting of terrestrial radio stations and commercial organizations.  Live365 also released earlier this year the first “streaming mp3 player” for the PocketPC platform.  This enabled the PocketPC to access all of Live365 stations via an Internet enabled PocketPC.


“Live365 is an exciting application for i-BURST’s high-speed, always-on wireless access capability and exemplifies the value of reaching users wherever they are in today’s mobile society,” said ArrayComm Executive Vice President Nitin J. Shah.  “As a member of the program, Live365 is working with us to begin developing new revenue, distribution and deployment opportunities through the high-speed wireless delivery of their Internet streaming audio services.”


ArrayComm’s i-BURST is a portable, high-speed wireless Internet access system targeted at the mass consumer market.  Powered by ArrayComm’s IntelliCellÒ smart antenna technology, i-BURST offers low-cost, high-speed wireless Internet access.  With a per-user data rate of up to 1 Mbps, i-BURST offers 400 times more capacity than current wide-area wireless systems, and 40 times more capacity claimed by next-generation cellular networks.

“Live365 is very pleased to partner with ArrayComm.  Users of i-BURST will be able to go beyond the desktop and listen to their favorite Live365 Internet Radio stations wherever the wireless Internet will carry them,” said John Jeffrey, Executive Vice President, Live365, Inc.



ArrayComm’s i-BURST Applications Partner Program brings together Internet content and applications providers to work together and utilize ArrayComm’s extensive network of development and deployment partners.  Partners are invited to participate in co-marketing efforts, and could be selected to participate in ArrayComm’s upcoming commercial trial of the i-BURST system.  Interested companies can contact ArrayComm at for more information.



Named one of Wireless Week’s 25 companies to watch in the new millennium, ArrayComm, Inc., is the global leader in fully adaptive smart antenna-based wireless communications.  Its core IntelliCellÒ technology, which is licensed to manufacturers for use in W-CDMA, GSM, PHS and WLL networks, has proven immensely valuable in large-scale commercial systems throughout the world.  Additionally, ArrayComm has leveraged its innovative technology to create i-BURSTÔ, a high-speed, portable, wireless system built from the ground up to maximize the benefits of IntelliCell technology for wireless data.  Company co-founder, chairman and CEO Martin Cooper was named one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2000 by Red Herring magazine. Cooper, who drove the development and introduction of the world’s first cellular telephone, also was inducted as a charter member of the CTIA/RCR Wireless Hall of Fame for his pioneering contributions to the wireless industry.  See for more information.



Live365 ( is the world’s largest broadcaster of streaming MP3 content on the Internet, with more than 6 million listener hours logged monthly.  Users can listen to tens of thousands of broadcasts anytime day or night. Through innovative proprietary technology, they create a one-of-a-kind personal station to broadcast worldwide. Rated by Arbitron as one of the largest aggregate network streamers, Live365’s tools (including Meetings365 & Studio365) empower traditional radio stations, record companies, government, city and civic community groups with an easy solution to stream audio over the Internet.  Live365 is both a member of DIMA and National Association of Broadcasters.  Founded in July 1999 in Foster City, CA, Live365 recently won the ‘People Choice’ award for “Best Music Site” at the Fifth Annual Webby Awards.

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