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News Republic 4.0 for Android, Apple iOS: Free, Smart and Out Now

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The latest rev of News Republic is out. And it learns from what you read. Here’s what’s new in News Republic 4.0 for Android, Apple iOS. It’s aNewDomain … Alan Wallace’s freeware pick. — At the CES 2014 Wall of Apps exhibit, I came across the latest rev of mobile news app News Republic. It’s News Republic 4.0, a revision on that popular free news app for Apple iOS and Android. It’s available on app stores for both platforms now.

News Republic 4.0 has a new “smart” functionality that learns from what you read. Its learning ability lets it pop up news items you’ll perhaps find more interesting and relevant than a random feed. The app also has a smart new interface that lets you create your own news profile and a top news feed.

All news is viewable whether the app is online or offline. This free app isn’t a search engine or RSS feed aggregator for news. Rather, it delivers fully-licensed news sources — from international politics to local news, technology, sports, and entertainment. You’re able to access your Reader Profile at any time. And your feed is private, too. Here’s a shot of News Republic 4.0 for Android. Find a shot of News Republic 4.0 for iOS below that.

Screenshot image credits: Alan Wallace

News Republic 4.0 also has social media integration. That lets you share, store or comment on stories via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a shot of News Republic 4.0 for iOS, which is available here at Apple iTunes.

Screenshot image credits: Alan Wallace

Up until now, my main news source has been Google News. I’ve found other news apps I’ve tried to be disappointing and I’ve uninstalled them in less than a week. This app piqued my interest. News Republic 4.0 is available for Android at the Google Play store.

I’m not alone, according to app maker Mobile Republic. It reports its news engine generates more than 10 million page views per day, with nearly three billion news article views to date. What’s your take?

News Republic 4.0 is free and available on Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets, and for Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices in the Apple App Store.

For, I’m Alan Wallace.

Based in Seattle, Alan Wallace is a senior contributor and on our security team here at He previously has worked as a London-based foreign correspondent for UPI. He also founded InterActive Agency, the first Internet-focused ad agency. Alan later joined Live365, where he served as a vice-president and oversaw its rise to the №1 Internet radio network spot. He has been a judge for the Codie Awards for nearly a decade. Got a question, comment or story idea for Alan? Email him at, or contact him at +Alan Wallace.

Originally published at on January 16, 2014.

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