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CTIA 2012: Top Ten Tech Alan Wallace Spotted So Far in New Orleans

Otter Box Team — Photo Credit Alan Wallace

Tonight I attended Showstoppers, Steve Leon’s conference event that lets press preview what’s tops at the show before the rest of the world sees it. It’s CTIA 2012 and I’m in New Orleans.

I had a blast at the press event Showstoppers here in New Orleans at CTIA 2012. Here are 10 products I found notable. In no particular order, here’s what stood out for me at another great Showstopper event.


From Spigen SGP, this is the first glass screen protector — it is made of premium tempered glass. It feels just like you’re using the Apple iPhone or iPad minus the protector. It isn’t noticeable. — or iPhone if you had no protection at all.

Premium-tempered glass protector GLASt from United SGP Corp.

Photo credit: Alan Wallace for


SRS execs showcased great audio tech called iWOW-U, a universal audio enhancement adapter. The demo I experienced showed an audio improvement. And the product includes five color faceplates, as the rep shows below.

Photo credit: Alan Wallace for


Escort unveiled SmartRadar at CTIA 2012 and, at Showstoppers, reps demoed its ticket protection app for Android, Escort Live.

Escort’s press team on the ground here in New Orleans.