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CTIA 2012: Top Ten Tech Alan Wallace Spotted So Far in New Orleans

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Otter Box Team — Photo Credit Alan Wallace

Tonight I attended Showstoppers, Steve Leon’s conference event that lets press preview what’s tops at the show before the rest of the world sees it. It’s CTIA 2012 and I’m in New Orleans.

I had a blast at the press event Showstoppers here in New Orleans at CTIA 2012. Here are 10 products I found notable. In no particular order, here’s what stood out for me at another great Showstopper event.

From Spigen SGP, this is the first glass screen protector — it is made of premium tempered glass. It feels just like you’re using the Apple iPhone or iPad minus the protector. It isn’t noticeable. — or iPhone if you had no protection at all.

Premium-tempered glass protector GLASt from United SGP Corp.

SRS execs showcased great audio tech called iWOW-U, a universal audio enhancement adapter. The demo I experienced showed an audio improvement. And the product includes five color faceplates, as the rep shows below.

Escort unveiled SmartRadar at CTIA 2012 and, at Showstoppers, reps demoed its ticket protection app for Android, Escort Live.

Escort’s press team on the ground here in New Orleans.

From SuperTooth, Disco 2 is a portable, rechargeable speaker with stellar sound quality. Users can stream music wirelessly from any cell phone, tablet, computer or MP3 player supporting Bluetooth A2DP to a single or dueling-pair of Disco2s at 16 watts RMS audio power, a high-efficiency subwoofer and two speakers. Disco2 reps say the release is scheduled in a few weeks for $99.

Safely offers tools for parents. It showcased three tools for phone controls with features such as automatic locks to disable the phone during school and dinner, activity charts to monitor texts, find kids via GPS and it features an alert emergency override.

Vidyo Mobile

Vidyo’s video conferencing now is available for a wide array of mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, and Tablets — for a fraction of the cost of more expensive hardware appliances and vendors.

Libon Voicefeed

Libon Voicefeed is a visual voicemail app for the Apple iPhone allowing you to personalize your greeting for specific callers.

Wilson Electronics announced the company’s most advanced cellular signal indoor booster for 4G and 3G networks, including AWS, LTE, and WiMAX signal boosters.

Available for Android, this app updates your email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook notifications with wickedly fun online animations and videos. You can even create notifications from a family video.

VersaCover for the Apple iPad

Moshi, which calls itself an electronics fashion company, demonstrated several cool accessories. One of my favorites was a new origami-style Apple iPad case and a hardshell case for the New iPad. It works in portrait and landscape modes.

Here’s a Moshi rep standing by.

For aNewDomain, I’m Alan Wallace.


Originally published at on May 8, 2012.

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