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Alan Wallace: What I Saw at CES 2014 — and How I’m Recovering

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Image Credits: Alan Wallace for

Here’s what our Alan Wallace saw in 24 hours at CES 2014 — and how he’s managing to bounce back now. Tech roundup — plus video. — After a whirlwind CES 2014 experience, I’ve finally begun to collect my thoughts. The first moments home consisted of:

  1. Sleeping in

  2. Starbucks — aka Seattle Oxygen

  3. Checking to see that I came back with everything I left with

  4. Entering business card info

  5. Entering receipts while I still remember what is what

  6. Adding new cards for LinkedIn and Twitter contacts

  7. More Starbucks … and repeat.

CES 2014 may have been my quickest in ’n’ out trip to Las Vegas ever. I was in and out in fewer than 24 hours. But just in that time span, I managed to see a great deal of cool tech.

This year, as with every year, I always get the most out of CES by going to ShowStoppers. That’s because, in just a few short hours, that press event packs in most of the latest tech the industry has to offer. And it feeds me, too.

Harris Romanoff, NEAT — Photo Credit: Alan Wallace

Also at ShowStoppers, I was dazzled by the new audio products from Jabra.

Suzaan Sauerman, Jabra — Photo Credit: Alan Wallace

And I checked out what turned out to be an amazing door lock from Skybell. Plus I saw Sennheiser’s new gaming headsets and some fantastic ear buds from AudioFly.

The Team from AudioFly — Photo Credit: Alan Wallace

In the coming weeks I will be reviewing the demos and products I saw, as well as the latest from Eye-Fi and ION. The latter’s new cameras might even rival GoPro’s, but we’ll see.

I will also take an in-depth look at apps that were promoted on the “Wall Of Apps” show floor, like the styluses from LynkTec …

Mandy Skinner — LYNKtec — Photo Credit: Alan Wallace

… and some small and mighty speakers from X-mini. Tiny!

Darrelle Eng, X-mini — Photo Credit: Alan Wallace

Lastly, a special thanks to TripIt, whose TripIt Pro App has proven to me that it knows more than the agent behind the counter.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2014, and I’ll be back soon with the details. Watch for more of my CES 2014 coverage as I continue my recovery program — and get some time to get my head around all this new tech.

For, I’m Alan Wallace. As promised, I’m including my colleague Todd Townsend’s video interview with the folks from Neat, below the bio.

Based in Seattle, Alan Wallace is a senior contributor and on our security team here at He previously has worked as a London-based foreign correspondent for UPI. He also founded InterActive Agency, the first Internet-focused ad agency. Alan later joined Live365, where he served as a vice-president and oversaw its rise to the №1 Internet radio network spot. He has been a judge for the Codie Awards for nearly a decade. Got a question, comment or story idea for Alan? Email him at, or contact him at +Alan Wallace.

Originally published at on January 10, 2014.

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