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Panda Software

Panda Software is a manufacturer and developer of antivirus and security hardware, software and web delivered solutions. During my times supervising Public Relations activities in the US the companies’ awareness dramatically improved, the company enjoyed substantial growth in the amount and quality of product reviews, increased web traffic by 500% additionally the company’s global revenue increased by $30 million.

  • Supervised Public Relations efforts for US which included among others: product launches of hardware and software solutions (enterprise, Single Office Home Office (SOHO) and consumers.)

  • Coordinated media activities with the firm's international headquarters located in Madrid and Bilbao, Spain all media activities related to malware, vulnerabilities, events, conference, reviews etc.

  • Reworked, revised and localized corporate communications and public relations strategies, materials, media tools and solutions including overhaul of media databases and tracking solutions, to better deliver results including guidance on localizing and enhancing the product based on review and media critiques.

Panda Software

VP, Corporate Communications

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