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iAgency Client Press Releases

2000-04-24           Warner Bros.                   Wile E. Coyote & RoadRunner Get Their Own Stamp!

2000-04-05           iAgency                            iAgency  Announces Recapitalization from Round One Investments

2000-04-04           Clicksure                          Clicksure Hires PR Firms for North America

2000-03-31           NeTVideoNetworks        5th Avenue Channel & iAgency Collaborate on Advertising

2000-03-08           FXNetworks                     FX Premiers Son of the Beach, from Howard Stern Productions

2000-03-07           FastBand                          GlobalCast-FastBand Broadcasts Mardi Gras Live!

2000-03-06           NetVideoNetworks         5th Avenue Channel Corp. Launches NetVideoNetworks

2000-01-18           NBC Entertainment        NBC Entertainment Heralds 'The 10th Kingdom' Innovative Web Site

2000-01-06           NBC Entertainment        NBC Stars of 'The 10th Kingdom' Chat from Ritz-Carleton Press Part

1999-12-06           One World Networks      One World Networks to Become Ultimate Entertainment Destination

1999-11-15           Entertainment Blvd.        Entertainment Boulevard to Offer Content Through Microsoft

1999-11-15           NOVICA                  Offers Crafts from International Artisans

1999-11-11           NewMedia                       NewMedia INVISION 99 Awards Winners Announced

1999-11-05           NewMedia                       NewMedia INVISION 99 Festival Adds Rob Glaser to Line-Up

 MGM                                MGM's New James Bond Web Site

1999-11-04           DXSTORM                       DXSTORM.COM and Planet Payment form Alliance

1999-11-03           NewMedia                       Industry Leaders Converge at NewMedia INVISION 99

1999-11-02           Entertainment Blvd.        Entertainment Boulevard and Road Runner Ink Deal

1999-10-27           Pixelon                    Announces iBash `99

1999-10-26           NOVICA                  Launches During Comdex `99

1999-10-26           Pixelon                             Pixelon Launches First Full-Screen, TV-Quality Web Network

1999-10-12           Entertainment Blvd.        Entertainment Boulevard Launches New Encoding Service

1999-09-13           DXSTORM                       iAgency Signs Canadian E-Commerce Leader DXSTORM

1999-09-10           MGM                                MGM's Stigmata Web Site Intrigues Internet Audiences

1999-09-07           NewMedia                       AT&T Labs - Gold Sponsor of NewMedia INVISION 99

1999-08-31           Entertainment Blvd. Partners with Entertainment Blvd. to Rock the Web

1999-08-26           BargainClothing.Com     BargainClothing.Com Launches Fashion Web Site

1999-08-19           Copernic                          Copernic Technologies Announces Mac Search Agent

1999-08-18           Entertainment Blvd.        iBEAM Broadcasting (tm) Signs with Entertainment Blvd.

1999-08-16           College Broadcast          College Broadcast & Marketing Agreement

1999-08-11           Entertainment Blvd.        Go Network and Entertainment Boulevard Expand Deal

1999-08-10           NewMedia                       INVISION Awards Call For Entries Deadline Extended

1999-08-09           College Broadcast          College Broadcast Captures No. 1 Spot

1999-07-27           Entertainment Blvd. Partners with Entertainment Boulevard

1999-07-26           Entertainment Blvd. and Entertainment Blvd. Partnership

1999-07-21           Entertainment Blvd.        Bears-Packers Showdown to Entertainment Boulevard

1999-07-16           Herring on Hollywood    Convergence: Deal with It

1999-07-12           Entertainment Blvd.        Entertainment Boulevard Selects iAgency

1999-06-23           Copernic                          Copernic adds MP3 Search to Copernic 99 Plus

1999-06-23           Revnet                              Revnet Announces Delivery of UnityMail 3.0

1999-06-22           NewMedia                       Invision Awards Seek Hottest Digital Media Projects

1999-06-17           Digitrends                        IBM's MsGuire, NBC's Kitze to Keynote Camp Interactive

1999-06-16           AudioUniverse                 NewStar Acquires Audio Literature

1999-06-10           AudioUniverse                 NewStar Launches AudioUniverse.Com

1999-06-09           MessageMedia                MessageMedia to Acquire Revnet Systems, Inc.

1999-06-03           Digitrends                        Interactive Marketing Campaign Competition

1999-05-24           Revnet                              Revnet Application Service Provider Program

1999-05-20           Copernic                          Internet Search Tool for Japanese Consumers

1999-04-16           Hollyweb                          Hollyweb Live! @NAB

1999-04-14         to Launch in September 1999

1999-04-14           Revnet                              Revnet Announces UnityMail 3.0

1999-04-08           Revnet                              Revnet to hold a press conference at Spring Internet World

1999-03-22           Hollyweb                          InterActive Agency Key Contributor to Hollyweb Live! @NAB

1999-03-20           CalTech/MIT                    iAgency Participates in CalTech/MIT Enterprise Forum

1999-03-01           Copernic                          Copernic 99 The Search Engine of Search Engines

1999-02-02           VersaDisc                         VersaDisc Obtains Alternate Ending to Ronin

1999-01-07           VersaDisc                         Diamond Multimedia Bundles VersaDisc DVD

1998-11-13           Polygram                         Email helps launch "Very Bad Things"

1998-10-29           E! Online                         SHOP.EONLINE.COM Appoints iAgency for Launch & Holidays

1998-10-29           Revnet                              MusicFest `98 - The Web's Biggest Online Music Event

1998-10-26           IDMB                                Internet Direct Marketing Bureau WebCasts 1st Meeting

1998-10-14           New Radio World            Fujitsu and New Radio Star Announce Partnership

1998-10-07           InsurePoint                       Washington Wired for Online Business Insurance

1998-10-07           Revnet                              MailKing 2.0 Premiers at Internet World NY

1998-10-07           Revnet                              Revnet Express Introduced at Internet World NY

1998-09-23           Combill                             Combill Launches at ICE

1998-09-23           CMA                                 Country Music Awards at LIVEONTHENET.COM

1998-09-11           TalkSpot                           Listeners react to Starr Report on TalkSpot.Com

1998-09-01                  FeatureCast and Petersen's Teen Magazine Launch Website

1998-08-26           American Film Inst           AFI's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time Find

1998-08-19           TalkSpot                           James Golden Joins

1998-07-27           Razorfish                          Razorfish Expands into The Digital Coast

1998-07-23           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online Breaks The Bandwidth And Business

1998-07-20           Worlds Away                   Fujitsu Launches New Virtual World With Corporate

1998-07-15           FeatureCast                     Teen Magazine Joins FeatureCast Family

1998-07-13           Worlds Away                    Fujitsu Announces Flat-Rate Pricing For Virtual

1998-07-08           National Enquirer            National Enquirer to pay $100,000 Reward to Tipster

1998-06-26           EXTRA Online                  World's First Celebrity Cyber-Séance, Hosted by Extra Online

1998-06-26           FeatureCast                     Web Biz Nets Buzz Prez: FeatureCast Names

1998-06-25           Digital Boardwalk            Digital Boardwalk and InterActive Agency

1998-06-25           National Enquirer            National Enquirer Breaks News Story

1998-06-17           Warner Bros.                    On the Web, Seinfeld Is A Bigger Monster

1998-06-16           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online Finishes May

1998-06-04           New Media                      NewMedia Invision 98 Announces Call

1998-05-17           Warner Bros.                    Special Web Site Party to Be Held

1998-05-15           Ocean Friends                 Ocean Friends Set to Sail

           Warner Bros.           Official Web Site

1998-05-06           Warner Bros.                    Thanks for Nothing, Jerry

1998-05-01           Warner Bros.                    Talk Show Host Jenny

1998-04-27           Brilliant Digital                 Brilliant Digital Entertainment Will Demonstrate Ten

1998-04-15           Ezenet                              Award-Winning INSTAbase Launches 4.0

1998-04-09           FeatureCast                     Two Leading Internet Companies Have Merged

1998-04-06           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online's Entertaindom

1998-02-12           E-Ticket                            E-Ticket Appoints Shannon Donnelly

1998-02-02           E-Ticket                            E-Ticket Launches "America's Most Wanted"

1998-01-28           Symantec                         An Online Computer Virus Chat

1998-01-27           National Enquirer            National Enquirer Online Gets New Face

1998-01-14           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online Ranks Second

1998-01-12           EXTRA Online                  Young Stars Rule the Internet

1998-01-06           Digital Be-In                     10th Anniversary Digital Be-In Set to Launch

1997-12-01           Non-Profit Auction          Online Auction Offers Exclusive Items

1997-12-01           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online to Distribute

1997-11-14           Symantec                         Symantec Hosts Anti-Virus and Utilities

1997-11-06           National Enquirer            National Enquirer Online Demographics Reveal

1997-11-03           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online to Launch Interactive

1997-10-28           NetConex                        NetConex Announces Charity Auction

1997-10-23           The Visitor                        Join the Cast & Crew of...

1997-10-21           Warner Bros.                    The Rosie O'Donnell Show Introduces...

1997-09-29           Warner Bros.                    Live "ER" Season Premiere A Hit on TV And...

1997-09-19           Warner Bros.                    NBC And Warner Bros. Online Co-Produce...

1997-09-17           Eudora Online                 InterActive Agency And <TAG> Media Create...

1997-09-05           Ocean Friends                 Couple Sets Sail to Meet Children

1997-09-02           EXTRA Online                  Join EXTRA on AOL For A Tribute

1997-08-25           Symantec                          Symantec's VIRUS MASTER Alex Haddox

1997-08-20           National Enquirer            E-Ticket Launches the Hottest Gossip

1997-07-29           National Enquirer            What's E-Ticket Up To? Enquiring Minds

1997-07-15           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online Locks in Premier

1997-07-10           Warner Bros.                    TV's Extra Is an Extra Big Hit Online, Too

1997-06-23           Star Telecom                    Star Telecom Introduces the Only...

1997-05-21           The Palace                       The Palace Virtual Chat Software Wins...

1997-05-13           The Palace                       The Palace Arms Developers

1997-04-29           The Palace                       The Palace Unveils First Off-The-Shelf Game

1997-04-28           Fuseworks                        Web Developers Race for Their Stake

1997-04-28           Miller Freeman                Spotlight Awards Winners Announced

1997-04-26           Miller Freeman                Miller Freeman Demonstrates Commitment

1997-04-25           Miller Freeman                Spotlight Awards Webcast Connects

1997-04-18           WGAw                              Interactive Writers Return to Computer Game

1997-04-17           Miller Freeman                Computer Game Developers' Conference

1997-03-17           IDA                                   IDA and Webmasters' Guild Announce

1997-03-11           Internet World                 Internet Developers' Association Presents

1997-02-26           Miller Freeman                East Wins Web Review's First

1997-02-24           WGAw                              Writers Guild of America Web Site On List

1997-02-21           Miller Freeman                Trade Show Producer Launches Web

1997-02-19           HBO                                 Live Laughs from Aspen Comedy Festival

1997-02-07           WGAw                              Writer's Guild Award Nominees Announced

1997-02-06           WGAw                              Writer's Guild Award Nominees Announced

1997-01-27           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online Teams Up

1997-01-22           Engage Games                ENGAGE Broadens Reach with Compuserve

1997-01-21           Engage Games                11th Annual Computer Game Conference

1997-01-21           Miller Freeman                Industry Leaders Share Vision

1997-01-21           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online Announced Special

1997-01-02           DCLA                                AOL Launches Los Angeles Marathon

1996-12-11           The Palace                       Commercial Server Opens Opportunities

1996-12-04           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Celebrates Holidays

1996-11-15           Miller Freeman                Miller Freeman Spins Web Design

1996-11-13           CyberSurfari                     Six Winning CyberSurfari '96 Teams

1996-11-01           Engage Games                Earthlink and Engage Ink Distribution Deal

1996-10-23           CouponNet                      CouponNet Wins Commercenet '96 VIP Award

1996-10-22           Engage Games                ENGAGE Racks Up Another Exclusive

1996-10-18           CyberSurfari                     Web Surfers Explore the New Frontier

1996-10-10           DisInformation                 DisInformation Endorses R.U. Sirius

1996-10-09           VIC                                    VIC Ready to Smash Into The Future

1996-09-24           Miller Freeman                Web Review Online Resumes Publication

1996-09-13           DisInformation                 Friday the 13th Is Going to Be...

1996-09-10           I.T.                                     World Wide Web Brings 32nd World Chess

1996-08-21           Engage Games                ENGAGE and Digital Alchemy To...

1996-08-13           Hollywood Online           Hollywood Online Links with Microsoft

1996-08-12           Engage Games                ENGAGE Signs Third Exclusive

1996-08-01           Engage Games                ENGAGE Signs Exclusive Content Deal

1996-07-10           Engage Games                ENGAGE Games Online Announces First Investor

1996-07-09           The Palace                       First Ever Virtual Press Conference In the Palace

1996-07-02           Warner Bros.                    Warner Bros. Online and AOL Launch "Insomniacs Asylum"

1996-07-01           The Palace                       The Palace to Expand on Virtual World Chat

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