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CyberDefender Corporation, SVP Corporate Communications

Los Angeles, California


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CyberDefender Corporation (CYDE) was​ an anti-malware software solutions developer with consumer and small business (SMB) focus. The firm's growth was driven by Public Relations efforts.  These public relations activities include media outreach, conferences and user-groups. Developed, executed, and managed comprehensive public relations plan designed to penetrate and grow in targeted markets. Communicate with media, management, vendors and customers to coordinate overall effort in accordance with corporate goals for public and investor relations. Worked with investors, product and business development. Select contributions include:

Introduction all of the company’s new product offerings


  • Created Quattro partnership for full customer support services.  Introduction for these new offerings included various product promotions with “National Free Tech Support Days” to encourage product use and showcase premium tech support services.

  • Hired internal and external resources to manage and execute vision of PR and IR.  This includes working with key investors, outside agencies, graphic designers, and Industry experts and analysts for additional communication strategies.

  • Managed events such as RSA, and press events such as Showstopper during CES and other key trade events.

  • Mooninite sign raffle during the RSA conference – one week after sign shut down Boston.  Bloggers called it the best advertisement at the conference.

  • Raised funds for family of CNET’s James Kim, a friend who passed during his tenure at CNET.

CyberDefender References

Herb Kraft LinkedIn

Alan Wallace did an outstanding job of getting press buzz for SOS when we launched our partnership with CyberDefender. Alan has a background somewhat similar to mine in PR/Broadcasting, and Alan has the right attitude and skills. I can make no better recommendation to say that I have asked and followed his advice on several occasions. - Herb Kraft

Brian Cotter LinkedIn

Alan Wallace is that rare PR professional who is very aware of his company's business model, and strives to expand his company by means outside of just PR. Case in point, he met with me and we collaborated on a program to tether premium tech support subscriptions to the sale of CyberDefender's software. His persistence internally led ultimately to Cyber's most successful program ever, so much so that they altered their business model to focus on premium tech support, with software in a secondary role. This was a significant win-win for our companies, and would not likely have happened were it not for Alan's vision and persistence. I'd love to work with him again! - Brian Cotter

CyberDefender Portfolio

Concept: find a way to use real users to promote their experiences.  

Gunthy Renker invested in the company Used in Nationwide TV campaign.

Goal: start grass roots push of product.
This was also before social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter.

CyberDefender User Testimonial #1
CyberDefender User Testimonial #1
CyberDefender User Testimonial #2
CyberDefender User Testimonial #2
CyberDefender User Testimonial #3
CyberDefender User Testimonial #3
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