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LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (September 10, 1996) -- Internet Telepresence, Inc. has launched the official Web site of the 32nd World Chess Olympiad, bringing live coverage of the world's top chess tournament to the masses, along with in-depth history of the game and play-by-play analysis of key matches.
Located at, the site will provide coverage throughout the competition, which will be held in Armenia from September 15 to October 2. The tournament features more than 500 international chess players and grandmasters from126 countries, including modern-day chess luminaries Gary Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov and Vladimir Kramnik.


Live online commentary will be provided by International Chess Grandmasters, Jack Peters and Jeremy Silman. Mr. Peters is the Los Angeles Times Chess Columnist and author of Bobby Fischer vs. Boris Spassky - The 1992 Rematch. He is four-time winner of the American Open, five-time participant in the United States Championship, and eleven-time champion of Southern California. Jeremy Silman is the author of 29 chess books and over one-hundred chess articles. He is one of the few players in chess history to win the U.S. Open, the National Open and the American Open tournaments.

Replays of matches are available with pause options to allow users the opportunity to explore alternative strategies and lines of play. A customized search engine provides access to an extensive database of historical chess matches and player biographies.

"We're building on the success of the Internet coverage of the 1995 World Chess Championship," stated Jora Manoucherians, President of Internet Telepresence. "With the growing number of Internet users who follow chess competitions, we expect the site to take more than 30 million hits over the course of the Olympiad."

The World Chess Olympiad Web site will also offer an array of reference material related to chess games and its history, and will explore the art, culture and sights, as well as showcase the heritage and modern culture of the host country, Armenia. Daily tours and Art exhibitions will be provided, along with news and interviews with chess grandmasters participating in the Olympiad.

Geared as much for chess fans as for armchair travelers, Web surfers and consumers, the Chess Olympiad site will feature a variety of shopping malls and specialty stores, with links to Web sites offering everything from chess souvenirs to holistic medicine.

"We're using chess, an intellectually stimulating and universally respected strategy game, as a cultural conduit here," declared Manoucherians. "It all comes down to bringing millions of people together around a common interest and showing them an exceptionally good time in the process."

The company is currently accepting sponsorships, as well as reservations for promotional and advertising space on the World Chess Olympiad site by corporations, non-profit organizations and others. Advertising and sponsorship detailed information can be reviewed online at

Located in Glendale, California and collaborating with an international network of research foundations and developers from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, Internet Telepresence is a full Internet services, quality content and events provider.

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