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The First, Original Late-Night Program Created Especially for AOL Members

Burbank, Calif. and Dulles, VA (July 2, 1996) -- Warner Bros. Online (, and America Online announced today the launch of Insomniacs Asylum, an original, made-for-online program accessible daily from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. (EST) exclusively on America Online (Keyword: Insomniacs).

Based on the proven television model of creating shows tailored to the needs of an under-served audience in an under-utilized day-part, Warner Bros. Online queried overnight AOL users via online surveys and chat room focus groups to determine their program content interests. The resulting program was Insomniacs Asylum, a rich community of original characters, information and fellow nocturnal online users.

"The late night time period is one of the prime time periods in the online world, yet no one had ever developed an online program for this unique audience segment," said Jim Moloshok, senior vice president of Warner Bros. Online. "Using marketing research we custom-developed Insomniacs Asylum to serve this large potential audience."

"Warner Bros. Online has done a great job investigating what our late-night members want and delivering it to them in an original, engaging way," said Ted Leonsis, president of AOL Services Company. "Insomniacs Online will not only be popular among our late-night members, it may give many more of our members a reason to stay up all night."

Insomniacs Asylum features several areas of original programming for late night users including: Gonzo's Comedy Shop, the place to go for a good time and a few laughs with plenty of downloadable one-liners and jokes; Club Rendezvous, a quirky late night "Copacabana"-styled club and lounge for those looking for someone special; Cafe.Com, a "local" cyber-coffee house hangout for those who want to grab an espresso and discuss music, art, or other subjects in a down-to-earth setting. You can also pick up your horoscope, details on UFO sightings and other offbeat information at Club Dementia, or gather current news stories in the Insomniacs Asylum Newsroom.

The Lounge in Insomniacs Asylum features the percolating dramas of several ongoing main characters including: Roscoe the Bartender, the host of the club; Rubin the Regular, a dude who visits all of the areas and knows what's happening with everybody; Tony the Programmer, who is always looking for a hot new idea that will help save his job at an online service; and Naomi, an East Village blossom, who may be blond and cute but certainly won't take lip from anyone.

Each room contains its own cast of evolving characters including: Monroe, the over-caffeinated coffee bar host in Cafe.Com; Lola, an ex-professional singer and showgirl who loves to give advice to the lovelorn in Club Rendezvous and the irrepressible and strong-willed hostess of Club Dementia, Xenith. Other elements include celebrity chat areas, live events, and specially-themed downloads on a variety of subjects.

Insomniacs Asylum was created by Warner Bros. Online, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. Warner Bros. Online is focused on producing entertainment, informational and promotional programming for online services and the World Wide Web.

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